Welcome to Mohamed Fadlallah

Dr. Mohamed Fadlallah joined us today as a guest researcher. Mohamed will be working on computational design of metal oxides for solar fuels. Welcome, Mohamed.

Welcome to Jose Manuel Vicent Luna

Jose Manuel Vicent Luna (Vicent) joined us as a postdoctoral researcher. With his strong expertise in force field development and Molecule Dynamics simulations, he will work on the development of a multi-scale approach for large scale simulations of metal halide...

A warm welcome to Sofia Apergi

Sofia Apergi joined our group as a PhD candidate. She will combine her background in both Mathematics and Condensed Matter Physics to develop DFTB method for studying defects physics of complex perovskite compounds.

Shuxia as Guest Editor for solar cell materials@PLOS ONE

As one of the six international experts in the area of solar cell materials, Shuxia Tao has been invited as a guest editor at open access journal PLOS ONE. The focus collection is ‘Photovoltaic Solar Cell Materials: Design, Fabrication and Testing’. This...
All-inorganic Pb perovskite PV

All-inorganic Pb perovskite PV

Our review paper on CsPb(IxBr1-x)3 solar cells is published today on Science Bulletin. The work is lead by Prof. Liming Ding (National Center for Nanoscience and Technology, Beijing, China) and summarizes insights provided by several key researchers. The paper...

IAAM Young Scientist Medal of 2019 for Shuxia Tao

Shuxia has been awarded pretigious IAAM young scientist medal of 2019 at 27th European Advanced Materials Congress, August, 11-14, Sweden. She delivered an IAAM award lecture and chaired the session ‘Computational Materials & Modelling’.