Master Student (Erasmus Exchange)


Maryam Iran Manesh holds a BSc in Cell and Molecular Biology – Biochemistry from Azad University of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. She continues her studies at Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany, for a Master’s in Chemistry of Materials. Her academic journey took an exciting turn when she became an Erasmus student at Eindhoven University of Technology in November 2022.  

During her internships, Maryam has conducted comprehensive first-principles studies on Cobalt and Nickel-based oxides, employing quantum mechanical approaches to study their electronic structures and magnetic properties. Since August 2023, she has been working on her graduation project, extending her prior research focused on enhancing photocatalytic performance of Ni and Co-based oxides for the water splitting. Her current research is centered on the detailed exploration of catalytic activities occurring at the interfaces of metal oxides, with a particular emphasis on understanding the impact of spin configurations of the catalyst on oxygen evolution reactions. This research contributes to the fundamental understanding of these critical processes and the search for cost effective materials for sustainable energy applications.”