Guest researcher


Robin Chang Yee Hui received his bechelor degree in Physics and master’s degree in Medical Physics from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). In 2017, within the same institution, he obtained his PhD in Computational Condensed Matter Physics. He has reasonable exposure to crystal structure prediction of inorganic bulk/2D materials and simulation of their energy-related properties. Currently, he is an academics in the Applied Sciences Faculty, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Sarawak Branch. He has been actively involved in scientific publication, with fourteen published articles since year 2016.

Since April 2020, Robin is a visiting researcher at our group and here he works on DFT simulations of optoleteronic properties of perovskites/2D TMDC heterostructures.

Selected Publications:

  1. Y. H. Robin Chang, J. Jiang, H. ye. Khong, I. Saad, S. S. Chai, M. M. Mahat, S. Tao, Stretchable AgX (X = Se, Te) for Efficient Thermoelectrics and PhotovoltaicsACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, (2021).
  2. Y. H. Robin Chang, T. L. Yoon, T. L. Lim, P. W. Koh and E. S. Goh (2020). Effects of oxygen variation on the improved structural stability, electronic and optical properties of ZnTeO compounds. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 32, 225701.
  3. Y. H. Robin Chang (2020). High mechanical strength and broad optical absorption in underexplored group IV nitride chalcogenides. Chemical Communications 74, 56, 10962.
  4. P. W. Koh, T. L. Yoon, T. L. Lim and Y. H. Robin Chang (2019). The generation of ground‐state structures and electronic properties of ternary AlkTilNim clusters (k + l + m = 4) from a two‐stage density functional theory global searching approach. International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 119, 10, e25884.
  5. Y. H. Robin Chang and T. L. Yoon (2019). Effects of nitrogen addition and growth condition on the enhanced mechanical properties of transition metal carbides TMC (TM = Zr, Hf). Ceramics International 46, 1, 1124-1136.
  6. Y. H. Robin Chang, T. L. Yoon, T. L. Lim, P. W. Koh and M. H. Tuh (2019). Frequency dependent linear and nonlinear optical properties of compositionally tuned inorganic CsSnX (X = Br, I) composites. Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 779, 497-504.
  7. Y. H. Robin Chang, T. L. Yoon, T. L. Lim and M. H. Tuh (2019). Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) compatible ZrX (X = Hf, Mo and Ru) alloys with enhanced mechanical properties as alternative biomedical applications. Scripta Materialia 178, 82–85.
  8. Y. H. Robin Chang, T. L. Yoon, T. L. Lim, M. H. Tuh and E. S. Goh (2017). Thermoelectric and piezoelectric properties of the predicted AlxIn1-xN composites based on ab initio calculations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 19, 24613.