PhD Candidate


Aybuke Gulkaya obtained a BSc degree in 2019 and MSc degree in 2022 in Chemistry from Middle East University (METU) in Turkey. In her Master’s thesis, she worked on development of a new protocol for scanning major and minor grooves along DNA to find the best interaction mode with drug molecules using QM/MM, Molecular Docking, Python and Bash/Shell Programming. 

She worked during undergraduate years in DNA research focused on the design and synthesis of new drug candidates and their interactions with DNA molecules using NMR, UV-Vis and Fluorescence Spectroscopy and Gel Electrophoresis. Then, she worked as a research assistant in Ankara University between 2019 and 2021. After that, she worked remotely as researcher in Molecular Modelling Laboratory (MML) based in Switzerland  in chemical reactivity predictions and ASD stability analysis using ab initio methods between 2021 and 2023.

Aybuke joined the group in October 2023 as a doctoral candidate. She aims to understand the electrochemical catalytic activity of complex oxides for water splitting, with the focus on the impact of the electronic and spin structure of transition metal oxides for the activities of oxygen evolution reaction (OER).

Outside work, Aybuke derives pleasure from taking extended strolls with her dog, immersing herself in nature through camping, and engaging in strength training. Additionally, during her master’s program, she participated in rowing team of the university

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Master Thesis: Gülkaya, A.; Marion, A. (2022). New Protocol for Scanning Minor and Major Grooves Along DNA to Find Best Interaction Mode With Drug Molecules. METU, Ankara. A digital copy can be found here.