PhD Candidate


Konrad Wilke received his Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry from Technical University Dresden (TUD) in 2017. He continued his studies at TUD and extended his broad experimental profile towards computational approaches. In his Master’s Thesis, he conducted research in the field of rare event sampling with the Replica Exchange Transition Interface Sampling (RETIS) under the supervision of Titus van Erp at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim (Norway). He applied RETIS to study solvation dynamics in aqueous phase and developed reaction path evaluation strategies. His efforts were regarded with the best possible grade and an “excellent” degree at TUD in 2022.

While continuing collaboration with Titus van Erp, he joined the group of Shuxia Tao at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in January 2023 as a doctoral candidate. By transferring his experience in rare event sampling to metal halide perovskites, he aims to gain scientific understanding of several crucial processes involved in synthesis and degradation. Additionally, his experience in Python programming is utilized to expand the compatibility of RETIS based methods with common molecular dynamics (MD) software packages like the Amsterdam modelling suite (AMS).

Along his scientific career, Konrad contributed to the student life at TUD as an elected member of the student council (4 years) and supervised gym and basketball courses.

He brought his social consciousness to TU/e to cultivate an open and welcoming work environment. This and his passion for cooking earned him the prestigious position in the potluck committee of the Materials Simulation and Modelling group at TU/e.