PhD Candidate


Mike Pols received a double Bachelor degree (cum laude) in Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering from Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) in 2018. He continued studying at TU/e for a double Master degree in Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering which he graduated from in 2021. The work of his Master’s thesis was focused on the development of a reactive force field (ReaxFF) interatomic potential for large-scale reactive molecular dynamics simulations of metal halide perovskites. As a result of the interdisciplinary nature of his studies, Mike was invited to attend the prestigious interdisciplinary Lindau Nobel Meeting in 2020.

Continuing the line of research set out during his Master’s thesis, Mike joined the group in March 2021 as a doctoral candidate. The main aim of his project is the development of reactive interatomic potentials to study the dynamical properties of metal halide perovskites at the atomic and nanoscale for which he closely collaborates with the force field experts Sofia Calero (MSiM, TU/e) and Adri van Duin (Penn State University, US). Using both ReaxFF and machine-learning force fields (MLFFs), Mike has successfully studied the phase transitions, lattice dynamics, ion migration and degradation reactions in metal halide perovskites. The results of this work, which Mike has presented at several international conferences winning two poster awards, are summarized in various publications in high-ranking peer-reviewed journals.

In contrast to the perovskites that he studies on a day-to-day basis, Mike is very resilient to water as is demonstrated by his love for swimming and water polo, which he has now played for more than 20 years. If not in the pool, Mike can be found enjoying some peace and quiet at home with an occasional craft beer.

Publications: # equal contribution


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