Principal Investigator


With a Physical Chemistry background from Nankai University in China, Shuxia Tao started her PhD in 2007 at Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, TU/e, the Netherlands. There she learnt Computational Materials Science and obtained her PhD in 2011 with a thesis on metal hydrides for battery applications. After a short career break to care for her children, she worked as post-doctoral researcher at NWO physics institute NIKHEF for materials design for photodetectors from 2013 to 2016.

With two prestigious personal grants, Computational Science for Energy Research tenure track (2016) and NWO START-UP (2019), she currently leads the Computational Materials Physics Group with a focus on perovskite solar cells at Materials Simulation & Modelling, Department of Applied Physics, TU/e.

Publications: # equal contribution, * corresponding author


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For full list of publications including those published during Postdoc and PhD and Master periods on other topics including photo-detectors, batteries and catalysis, please visit my Google Scholar.