Guest PhD


Subash Gireesan completed his Master’s degree at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai. During his Masters, he worked on modelling the chemical transformations happening inside a cavitating bubble, with the aim of maximizing the production of oxidizing radicals. Currently he is pursuing is PhD at group of M2N, and the project is a part of the Shell-NWO Computational Sciences in Energy Research (CSER) PhD program. His work focuses on understanding thermal transport in semiconductor nanowires, for the application in thermoelectrics.


  1. S. Gireesan, P. Torres, F.X. Alvarez, P.A. Bobbert, Diameter-dependent thermal conductivity of ultrathin GaP nanowires: A molecular dynamics study, Physical Review B 101 (2), 024307 (2020).
  2. D. Vakulov, S. Gireesan, M. Y. Swinkels, P. A. Bobbert, I. Zardo, E. P. A. M. Bakkers, et al, Ballistic phonons in ultrathin nanowires, Nano letters 20 (4), 2703-2709 (2020).