Teaching Assistant

Email: t.hilpert@student.tue.nl

Tobias Hilpert is currently completing his Bachelor final thesis on predicting the rates of electron transfer reactions based on DFT data at the department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry.

In his free time he is developing an electrochemical reactor with student team RenewCO2 to reduce carbon dioxide to formic acid. Together with Mike he worked on a Capita Selecta project for his master study, where he simulates the degradation reactions at grain boundaries in halide perovskites using reactive force fields (ReaxFF).

Since september 2021, he has been working as a teaching assistent for a BOOST project on the redesign of a Challenge Based Learning  “Advanced Materials Modelling using Multiscale Methods (3MQ110)”. He works MD simulations and aims to incoprate his insights obtained in simulating halide perovskites into CBL projects.