PhD Candidate


Zehua Chen received his Master’s degree in 2018 from Nankai University in China, with a thesis on the modelling of amorphous silica by using density-functional theory (DFT) and classical molecular dynamics (CMD).

Zehua joined our group in September 2018 and supported by TU/e-DIFFER Storing Solar Energy program, his research focuses on the multiscale computational modelling of perovskite solar cells: from material properties to device performance.

Publications: # equal contribution

  1. Z. Chen, G. Brocks, S. Tao, P. Bobbert, Unified theory for light-induced halide segregation in mixed halide perovskites, submitted to Nature Communications.
  2. N. Li#, Y.  Luo#, Z Chen#, G. Brocks, S. Tao, D. P. Fenning, H. Zhou et al. Microscopic Degradation in Formamidinium-Cesium Lead Iodide Perovskite Solar Cells under Operational Stressors, Joule, 4, 1743 (2020).  
  3. Q. Li, Z. Chen, I. Tranca, S. Gaastra-Nedea, D. Smeulders and S. Tao, Compositional effect on water adsorption on metal halide perovskites, Applied surface Science, 538, 148058(2021).