PhD Candidate


Zijin Wu completed her Bachelor’s degree in physics at Lanzhou University, China in 2020. Then she continued her studies in physics at Uppsala University, Sweden and obtained her Master’s degree in 2022. At that time, she mainly focused on theoretical physics. Her master’s thesis is about the construction of geometric quantum gates with reverse engineering.

Alongside her training on theoretical physics, she has a strong interest in material physics research. During her bachelor study, she worked on nanomaterials from nanosheets to nanocatalysts. She mainly focused on their electronic properties and optimizing the materials preparation methods. As a result of this work, she published a first author paper on the resistive switching effect of N-doped MoS2-PVP nanocomposite films.

Since early 2023, in her PhD project, Zijin continues pursuing her interests in materials physics by combining her past theoretical training with practical applications. She studies the optoelectronic properties of chiral hybrid perovskites by using first principles methods. She aims to understand the chemical interaction between organic-inorganic parts of hybrid perovskites and their effects on emergent phenomena of optical chirality and chiral induced spin selectivity.

Besides physics, Zijin is also interested in history and classical literature. She spends most of her free time reading and learning ancient languages.


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