Following eleven months of hard work, Mike has successfully defended his Master thesis on the 22 of February and received mark of 9.5. During these months, Mike focused on the development of a reactive force field (ReaxFF) for metal halide perovskites, in collaboration with Ivo Filot (Chemical Engineering and Chemistry, TU/e) and Adri van Duin (Penn State University, US). In this work, Mike laid the foundation for reactive molecular dynamics (ReaxFF) simulations of metal halide perovskites. Through ReaxFF simulations of CsPbI3, he was able to shed light on a range of dynamical and reactive processes and their impact on the stability of metal halide perovskites.

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odide vacancy assisted degradation of CsPbI3 into PbI2 from reactive MD simulations using reactive force field.

As a result of his successful defense of the Master thesis, Mike has officially graduated (Feb, 22) with highest honor (cum laude) from TU/e in Applied Physics and Chemical Engineering. The work has been recently published The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Congratulations, Mike!