Here we highlight events relevant to computational method development and energy research.

  • Atomistic and Molecular Simulation (AMS) study group, organized by the PI and open to junior researchers at all levels across several departments of TU/e and DIFFER
  • CCER seminar for a wider range of computational approaches
  • Physics Colloquium for research topics in Physics
  • DIFFER seminars for research topics in Energy Technologies



Tin, the enabler

Congratulations to Chidozie Onwudinanti for his first-author paper on Nanomaterials.

Welcome to Lei Song

Welcome to Lei Song, who started her research on machine learning based force field development for metal halide perovskites as a guest researcher.

Review paper published

Our review paper “Multiscale in modelling and validation for solar photovoltaics” with Multiscale Solar COST Action is published on EPJ Photovoltaics.

Welcome to Zehua Chen, Haibo Xue and Qihua Li

A very warm welcome to our three new PhD candidates: Zehua Chen, Haibo Xue and Qihua Li. They will join forces to study different aspects of perovskite solar cells using complementary computational approaches.

Stabilizing Sn perovskites

Congratulations to Junke Jiang for publishing his first-author paper on Journal of Physical Chemistry C.

Welcome to Min He

A very warm welcome to Min He, who started her one year visit as a visiting PhD student at our group today.

Top 100 most read paper

Our article is selected as top 100 materials science papers for Scientific Reports in 2017.

Our first paper on novel photovoltaics

Our first paper in the research line of novel photovoltaics 'Accurate and efficient band gap predictions of metal halide perovskites using the DFT-1/2 method: GW accuracy with DFT expense’ is published on Nature research journal Scientific Reports today.

Welcome to Junke Jiang

A warm welcome to Junke Jiang, our first PhD candidate in the research line of Computational Materials Physics of Novel Photovoltaics.

Welcome to Chidozie Onwudinanti

 A warm welcome to Chidozie Onwudinanti, who started his PhD project to strengthen our collaborations with DIFFER.

Welcome to Subash Gireesan

A warm welcome to Subash Gireesan, who started as a guest PhD in our group to strengthen our collaboration with M2N.