Dozie’s second first-author manuscript entitled “Hydrogen diffusion out of ruthenium—an ab-initio study of the role of adsorbents” is published on Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics. In this paper Dozie told an old and new story of the relation of Ru, Sn and H. Using DFT calculations, the paper answers the question why H goes into Ru but does not come out, which is a continuation of his first publication “Sn, the enabler”, where he demonstrated Sn has helped H to penetrate into the Ru.

Dozie shows that with hydrogen and tin adsorbed on the ruthenium surface, diffusion to the surface is blocked for interstitial hydrogen in the metal, making diffusion further into the metal more likely than out-diffusion. The dependence on surface conditions matches and confirms similar findings on hydrogen permeation into metals. This suggests control and modification of surface conditions as a way to influence hydrogen retention and blistering.

To summarize the story in his own words: the H checked in at the Ru hotel but never checks out and somehow Sn is involved somewhat as well. The story is also covered by DIFFER.