As one of the six international experts in the area of solar cell materials, Shuxia Tao has been invited as a guest editor at open access journal PLOS ONE. The focus collection is ‘Photovoltaic Solar Cell Materials: Design, Fabrication and Testing.

This focus collection is aimed at providing a platform for materials scientists, physicists, chemists, engineers and interdisciplinary researchers who work on the design, characterisation and testing of photovoltaic solar cells to increase our understanding and potentially improve device performance and stability, whatever their environmental setting (whether for rooftop integrated systems, power stations, vehicles or standalone systems).We welcome submissions in all aspects of photovoltaic materials for solar cells, to reflect the breadth of the field. From materials synthesis, interface science, device optimization and computational studies, we encourage primary research that addresses the reliability and reproducibility of photovoltaic devices and their testing in real world environments. We also strongly welcome submissions reporting replication studies or negative results as long as the study design is appropriate and rigorously conducted.

More information on the scope of the collection and details of procedure for submission of your manuscripts can be found here. Deadline for submission is December 6, 2019.