Working@home is not a big change for me because I frequently have done it before. As my work is entirely computational, I have spent a lot of time working at home since I am researcher, like one or two times per week, but never for more than a couple of weeks. I have always tried to have similar work place at home and in the office, such as a good desktop, office chair, extra monitor, etc, making of it a comfortable site. Having regular virtual meetings with the coworkers makes a good time to be in contact with people from the office, however it would be nice to have face-to-face time together again.

I have a three years old daughter plenty of energy at home who always want to play. Then I have replaced the typical coffee breaks with the coworkers with playing time break with my kid.

 She is also a good assistant when she is interested on what I am doing or taking my seat if I keep it free for a moment, even if I am in a virtual meeting:)

Now, it is time to be at home as much as possible, just leaving home for buying groceries each 7-10 days or cycling with the family outside the city avoiding the contact with other people to enjoy the sunlight.